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A Selection of our Past Social Services and Registered Charity Projects

Ministry of Community and Social Services

The Ministry wanted an online tool to create surveys that were both public facing and also for internal use. The application needed to be an enterprise level product since their surveys had thousands of responses. The Ministry also posted links to their public facing websites and used for it for customer satisfaction surveys. Some surveys had tens of thousands of responses. Regardless of the number of respondents, the survey was always reliable and remained robust.


Darts Solutions created an online grant and registration system for CNIB, formerly known as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and for the Canadian Glaucoma & Cataract Research Council.

Violence Against Women Survey Tool

The Ministry wanted an online survey for women to complete after they receive services from an agency. The survey was designed with a comforting theme and an easy-to-use layout and was used by hundreds of agencies throughout Ontario. Abused women come from all walks of life and the Ministry wanted to ensure that the survey was both accessible and was offered in a variety of languages. We designed a survey that met all Ministry requirements, was robust and generated reports for each agency and the Ministry. Data was stored securely and the survey was offered in over 12 languages including many Aboriginal languages.

Our Products

Development of a Standard Information Transfer Schema for Development Service Organizations

As more information is stored electronically, people around the world struggle to transfer information from one system to another. The Developmental Services sector in Ontario provides support to people in a variety of contexts. As people access more services from a broader selection of providers, the burden of providing and entering information increases.

DSI is leading a project in Ontario to create a standard language that is understood by developmental service organizations sending and receiving information. This project uses the NIEM standard that will be published, made available, and maintained.

The concept behind NIEM is letting systems speak to one another. NIEM ensures that information is well-understood and carries the same consistent meaning across systems.

DSI brings together communities within the DS Sector
by leveraging tools and technologies to increase efficiencies.

Residential Funding Project
for Community Living Toronto

Darts Solutions Inc. has been working closely with Community Living Toronto to expand the functionality of the MyDirectPlan application to include other types of funding, including Community Living Toronto’s Residential Funding. Individuals in the Residential program use this funding to help them purchase services that will allow them live a more independent and self-determined life.

In the current pilot program families from Community Living Toronto submit their Residential expenses using the MyDirectPlan interface. Darts Solutions has designed this interface for easy expense entering and includes a unique set of expenditure options for families to use.

The pilot program continues to grow as more and more families are brought on board. It is the goal of both organizations that MyDirectPlan will become the standard expense management tool for all families receiving this funding, and that this tool will soon be adapted to other organizations throughout the province.

Our Clients


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